Head Lake, ON - Malka Rozencwajg

Preceding entry into the 70s within an easy walk of the main retail business strip of Haliburton Village a group of recreationers I travelled with noted a beach at the bottom of a slope situated at the outskirts of the village upon the highway heading to Minden nearby Western Tire where a profusion of warm weather cottagers’ cabins sat poised to overlook Head Lake entered an unmistakeable decline.. as did the shoreline circumfrencing the entire lake. We stopped in at the beachfront hoping to picnic where a table for public usage was placed. A lifeguard happened to man the beachfront that day however the beach became seldom utilized thereby we anticipated his job would be soon cut and rumours circulated Head Lake Beach would be soon totally closed as well noticing the ungroomed condition where it caused sorrow to view refuse in the lake. Unfortunately a large trash receptacle didn't curtail such folly. Initially our party assumed lack of usage was why the beachfront appeared untended. Additionally one side was flanked via brambly overgrowth. Bulrushes flanked and some spread to grow within the beachfront as did eventually reeds. Upon another occasion a teen boy fished at one side adjacent to the swimming area. The village youth with a rod stated regrettably the fishing once was better.. as was the swimming preceding the sudden influx of cottagers zealously building cabins within a span of several years which drained sewage spill-off into Head Lake causing flora to takeover the entire shoreline disrupting the local villager's attempt to create a waterfront for swimming and picnic drop-ins—

Within a short time the shoreline became unusable as a beach as brush and bramble overtook the lakefront. Signs were erected.. First.. No Lifeguard.. Swim At Own Risk.. Then.. Polluted Water No Swimming Allowed.. aside written bi-law breakage fine citations—

—The lake underwent a noticeably swampier appearance within a few years following our initial stop-in to picnic upon our way to the Molou for a summer matinee during the summer of love—

Head Lake, ON
Jessica Gordon
Malka Rozencwajg