Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh - Farhana Huq

The waves were moving slowly, as the sun was setting down. The waves moved gracefully, all following a pattern. It was so quiet, I could hear myself think. I was in
Bangladesh, a home far away from home. My family and I were on vacation last year, on the last few days. We just were about to leave the beach, so I took a moment to look at the waves.

My family spent had spent the day by Cox’s Bazar Beach, and my observations had given me a lot to think about. The waters in Bangladesh are different from other countries, for example, because they were louder with their waves. But they still had the same pattern, the same beauty worldwide. This somehow made me feel better about having to leave my country, as Bangladesh and Canada would forever be connected through water. Water is important, it is not useless but helps people around the world. In my case, this beach and the water are for people to enjoy and play in. Just like in this trip, where I spent my time peacefully looking at waves and playing in the water for a bit. I also learned in this trip that water can be fun, even when you’re an adult. For example, today I splashed around in the water, and stood in front of small waves just for the heck of it. I remember a time when I would always just splash around the water whenever I would take a bath, when I was a kid. And I admit, I still do that (but only a tiny bit!). My point is, during this trip back to the homeland, I was finally able to learn the utmost things about water.

Water is something to be thankful for, and wherever we are, water is still important to everyone no matter who you are, or what you are.

Natasha Anita
Farhana Huq

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