Lake Ontario, ON - Samra-tul Hayee

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

I’m Samra-tul Hayee, I was born in Pakistan, but I moved to Canada at a very young age and I have not been back ever since. I currently live in Maple, Ontario. I am a student at York University and I am working toward becoming an Elementary school teacher.

A few years ago I went with my family to Woodbine beach on Lakeshore in Toronto. It was the perfect beach weather. The sun was out, the skies were blue and there was not a cloud to be seen. We went near the late afternoon because the sun was too intense during the noon. There was also a heat wave at that time. I went with my whole extended family, there were about 25 of us in 4 cars. I loved the car ride to the beach as well. We all got excited while spotting the first view of the Lake. It was a beautiful blue as always. As we all got near the beach we were dropped off, while the men went to go find parking. My little cousins went running toward the water barefoot and then came back screaming because of the burning hot sand.

My family always liked finding a secluded place on the beach, away from the congestion. We found a nice place to sit and relax and we also had a barbecue The first steps into the water were always the most difficult ones because the sand was hot but the water was cold. So I curled my toes into the sand and slowly walked into the water. At first no one wanted to go into the water, but once everyone adjusted to the temperature, we were in over our heads. None of us knew how to swim, so we just floated around and tried not to drown. We stayed at the beach till very late at night. My favourite part was watching the sun set over the water in the evening. The mix of colours in the sky and the beautiful blue water was a picture perfect moment that I really got to enjoy.

Later in the night when the moon came out it was a full moon, which I love. It was the first time I got to spend so long near the water and I got to see how it changed during the day. At night the tide started getting very high, and there were a lot more fierce waves. The water had been so serene and calm during the day and watching the transformation was a very cool thing. The tide was so high that I couldn’t go into the water any longer. The same place that I soaked my feet in up to my ankles during my first steps in the water, was now so high that the water was up to my knees! There was a also small dock that I had sat and chatted on that was at least 10 feet higher than the water, but at night the waves were so strong and the tide was so high that I got soaked just standing on the very same dock.

My mother told me that the moon was pulling the water towards it, at that time it seemed very mystical, but after studying science I sort of understand her remark in a more logical way. That day at the beach was the most memorable moment I had with water, the way the water brought my whole family closer together was wonderful too.

Lake Ontario, ON
Shamaila Bajwah
Samra-tul Hayee

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