Chaleur Bay, NB - Oliver Dumville

My Watermark is Chaleur Bay, New Brunswick.

Water has marked me in many ways, especially during my most formative years. I am originally from Bathurst, New Brunswick, in the heart of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, where I spent a good part of my childhood running across sandbars in Chaleur Bay and salmon fishing on/near the Restigouche River.

I then moved to New Caledonia, a French island in the South Pacific, where I could lay on white sandy beaches and snorkel through bustling coral reefsā€”the perfect distraction for a moody teenager. After 7 years overseas, I moved back to Canada with my family and pursued a university education that taught me even more about the ways in which we depend on our environment, and why our natural resources should be managed responsibly. I have been a water policy specialist living in the Ottawa/Gatineau area since spring 2014.

Chaleur Bay, NB
Ottawa Riverkeeper
Amanda Masterson
Oliver Dumville

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