Toronto Public Library's Fragile Planet Series 2017 created 8 watermarks.
Claire Lawson presented Toronto: A Swimmable, Drinkable, Fishable Water City. This was a water literacy presentation for the Fragile Planet Series held at Lillian H. Smith Library in Toronto. Attendees documented how they experienced their watershed to protect the water they love. Their Watermarks were collected on site and are now published here as a collection in the archive.
Humber River, ON
Larysa Isoki
Lake Ontario, ON
Darlene Snyder
Lake Ontario, ON
Ms. Diana Lee
Lake Ontario, ON
Fiona N/A
Lake Ontario, ON
Jianyu Hou
Lake Ontario, ON
John Sutherland
Mud Creek, ON
Marsha Copp
Wilket Creek, ON
Harold Welch