Lake Kashwakamak, ON - Catherine Meraw-Paterson

My Watermark is Lake Kashwakamak, Ontario.

I've spent 40+ summers on Kashwakamak in Frontenac County - swimming, fishing, playing and paddling. Early morning soft fog on the lake, sitting on the dock with a cup of coffee. Sun's up! Getting hot ... dive in, cool off, dry off in the sun. We were children there and learned the glory of cottage and lake life. We had children who did the same ... and now our grandchildren are learning the same pleasures. Barbecues, music and lots of fun with family and friends.

I can paddle for hours in my kayak, in and out of the bays and inlets. I watch the loons and their families float effortlessly by, watch squirrels play and fight, blue herons, a mink family at waters edge, frogs, dragonflies, water bugs; lean over the dock to peer into the water to watch an ecosystem of little fish, shells, and waving fronds of fascinating plants. Dinner on the porch and watch the hummingbirds dart back and forth. A final swim for the evening, cards and board games, into bed and complete darkness except for the moon and a million starts. Calling owls ... That's Lake Kashwakamak.

Claire Lawson