Red Cedar Lake, ON - Cassie Dukeshire

My Watermark is Red Cedar Lake, Ontario.

At Red Cedar lake you can fish, swim, paddle boat, canoe, kayak, hunt and much more. The fishing is great and you will never know what you are about to catch. The swimming is fabulous it's such an open lake so there’s plenty of room for paddle boating or going for a ride in the kayaks or canoes under the bridge. Also across from the lake there is a big forest where you can hunt.

When ever me and my family go up to our cottage and go fishing on red cedar lake we always stop and go on the islands. Some of the islands names are: The 3 sisters, rangers point, loon island and way more. Probably one of my favourite things about this lake is at night the sunsets are beautiful and when it's night time the lake is so calm and peaceful.

Going paddle boating or canoeing or kayaking is amazing because you can go under the bridge and see the other side, also if you do canoeing or kayaking you can go as far as you want or you can go adventuring on all the islands. I have been going to this lake since I was 1 and I will never stop visiting.

Red Cedar Lake, ON
Claire Lawson
Cassie Dukeshire

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