Lake Muskoka, ON - Reid Humphrey

My watermark is Lake Muskoka in Muskoka, Ontario.

I grew up going to my cottage every weekend during the summer as well as many full weeks throughout the summers. My cottage is located at Breezy Point on Lake Muskoka.

The reason why this body of water is so special to me is because I have so many fond memories of my childhood with family and friends over my 16 years of going there. On this Lake I learned how to swim, water ski, wakeboard, drive a boat, catch a fish and so many more things that have allowed me to have so much fun over the years.

Overall I have spent so many hours doing all these different activities at this lake with family and friends that this body of water is by far my favourite. Along with all the memories and fun this body of water has provided me with it is also so very beautiful and fresh. The part of the lake that my cottage is located on is quite wavy as it is very windy most of the time.

Going up to the cottage has always been and will continue to be a time to forget about everything and just appreciate the beautiful freshness of both the water and the air and enjoy the endless opportunities that the water provides us with.

Lake Muskoka, ON
Upper Canada College
Claire Lawson
Reid Humphrey

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