Clam Lake, ON - Hailey Greb

My Watermark is Clam Lake in Kearney, Ontario.

It is very pretty and my family loves to go there. I like it the most when it's night time because not many people are in the water and because the sun is setting which is very beautiful.

My family and I will go there every summer and go swimming and kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and fishing. The water has a beach front as well so kids can swim too, if you go out farther there is a water trampoline, a slide, a rock wall and a dock that you can jump off of. Some years a whole bunch of my family friends will go with my family and we have big campfires. We would spend all day at the beach and that is what my favorite body of water is.

Clam Lake, ON
Claire Lawson
Hailey Greb