Belwood Lake, ON - Jessie Percival

My name is Jessie Percival -- OK so the area that I'm talking about is called Belwood Lake, it's actually a dammed portion of the Grand River in Ontario, Southern Ontario. It is a reservoir to hold water for the summer so that as we start running out of water in the area, the lake actually drains over the course of the summer to allow the Grand River to continue to flow. So the specific time is actually at a series of times because my family had a cottage on Belwood Lake.

I wasn't expecting to get so emotional ....but when my mom was a little girl she spent a number of summers there and when I was a little girl I spent number of summers there at the family cottage. So on Belwood Lake my family has a cottage and when my mom was a little girl she basically lived there with her family over the summer when they came back from overseas. My grandfather worked for the RCAF and when he came back from overseas, they stayed in the cottage for the summer before he got reposted. Then when I was a little girl and a teenager we would spend the summers at the cottage and there was a lot of -we spent a lot of time boating and swimming and playing in the water and there was, because it is a damn river, there's a section on the other side from where colleges where it's still the river and then our side it was more sluggish.

But depending on the time of year, sometimes we could walk to an island that was in the middle because it was so shallow and other times are you couldn't touch the bottom all the way across and so there's a lot of very meaningful memories to me for that and the big thing about it is when my grandparents generation passed away and we weren't able to keep the cottage so it's a very meaningful location for me.

Belwood Lake, ON
Fraser Riverkeeper
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Jessie Percival

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