Halifax Harbour, NS - Christine Sortini

Christine Sortini has lived in Halifax for ten years studying at Dalhousie for Maine Biology because she is absolutely enamored with the ocean. She now works at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography which is on the Halifax Harbour and there is a window really close to her desk where she has a really great view of the harbour, every once and awhile she gets to see porpoises coming in an chasing schools of fish, she even saw a beluga once which was really cool! She thinks it is really nice to the ocean and all its life in her daily life and to be a part of it.

Also since shes lived and studied in Halifax she has discovered all of the issues that are facing the ocean.

In particular a friend of hers did a study on the tissues of mussels (shellfish) around the Halifax region, in around St Margarets Bay, and found their tissues were full of microplastics!!
Christine found this very concerning so she's hesitant to eat shellfish now.

He friends project instigated her to stop using plastics in her day to day life, and she thinks that is really important for everyone to realize we have these types of choices on a daily basis and we can choose to be a part of the solution or a part of the problem. Stopping our use of plastics is important for the marine environment!

Follow her daily on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/plasticfreeoceanbaby/

Wonderful resources Christine was inspired by include a paper by Alysse Mathalon:


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Christine Sortini

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