Sheas Lake, NS - Marleen Brown

My Watermark is Sheas Lake in Harrietsfield, Nova Scotia.

I have been a resident of Harrietsfield for thirty years and my well water has been impacted by heavy metals from non-recyclable Construction and demolition debris that has been buried on a site across the street from my home.

Right beside or behind this particular debris site we have a small lake; this lake back in the 1970's I can remember my brother and my father taking me back there to go fishing. Everyone fished back there, it was quiet little lake that emptied into a stream which continues onto other lakes.

In 2001, my community got water results that show this particular lake had Aluminum and Iron levels almost double the amount permitted in freshwater lakes. Aluminum is detrimental to fish, affecting their gills, skeleton, kidneys and liver. Iron has a major impact on the ecosystem. In 2010 another water sample shows leaching from the debris had doubled from 2001 levels.

Sheas Lake connects to Silver Lake, that connects to Run Lake, then we have the Terrance Bay Wilderness Area Park. Fishing and swimming was also popular in Moody's lake which located 2-3 kilometres from here in 2014 it had levels100 x the guidelines and people live on the lake. Its very disappointing that this has happened.

Here is the latest media surrounding water issues in Halifax:

Sheas Lake, NS
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Marleen Brown