Chumphon Pinnacle, Thailand - Liam Evans

Dive spot was Champon Pinnacle in Thailand, we were on our first 18m dive. We were kneeling on the sand bed in the middle of a huge thriving reef, I looked over at Dan to see how he was doing and as I looked he had a cleaner wrasse in his ear and one on his lip he was freaking out so much trying to get them out that he almost lost his regulator. I started cracking up forgetting I was 18m deep on the ocean floor, bubbles were going everywhere and I think I used half my air tank just laughing at Dan, the wrasse followed us for about 20 meters trying to get in our mouths under our regs and in our ears. Other than the the best dive was manta bowl with all of them whale sharks just coming out of the blue!

Fraser Riverkeeper
Alex Fraser
Liam Evans