Thetis Lake, BC - Alex Kwong

My Watermark is Thetis Lake, British Columbia.

Thetis Lake has a special place in my heart. Located just outside Victoria BC, this was a place to come together with friends during my years at the University of Victoria between classes. It is a waterbody that could be enjoyed by all ages, with families taking up the shallow portion near the main entrance. Many would take canoes, kayaks & inflatables paddling around while also basking in the sun. Cliff jumping is also common, as well as the many swimming races from the shore to reach the middle island.

Even in a city such as Victoria, surrounded by the ocean, Thetis Lake holds many memories for people who lived/grew up here or only had the opportunity to spend a few years here. It is vital to keep this body of water protected so that new memories can be made for generations to come.

Thetis Lake, BC
Chloe Cross
Alex Kwong

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