Bowron Lake, BC - Trevor Linden

My Watermark is Bowron Lake, BC.

I grew up in southern Alberta, if you’ve ever been there you know there’s no water there, it’s a desert in Medicine Hat. So as a kid, it’s interesting, I didn’t have a lot of water experience, so it made BC so unique. I must have went to the local pool in Medicine Hat, so coming to BC was just awesome for me.

My mom always said when we’d drive down to Montana, that I always would want to pull over to throw rocks in the water, whenever we’d see rivers and creeks. And even today, now that living here for 25 years, I still love running creeks, and hiking on the north shore, the Lynn valley is so incredible, so much cascading rushing water, I love to hike up there in the pouring rain. Running water for me is really special, I really feel connected to it. Being here in BC there’s lakes and rivers everywhere.

Probably the most special moment for me, is when I paddled the Bowron lakes up near Quesnel. It’s 100km of paddling and portaging, I did it with my buddies, just us up there. I’m all about experiences and that time I spent with my buddies, we did it camping, you know the wildlife and the fishing, it was this really cool experience.

Using the water, and the boat as a mode of transportation was really cool. They say you can portage and canoe across the country, from BC to Ontario, and you think back to the 1800s and the 1700s and that’s how people did it. It’s incredible the ingenuity that that took. I’ve never spent much time on the ocean, to me it’s still and probably always will be somewhat foreign. So that for me, that time on the Bowron Lakes was the most significant memory I have with water.

Bowron Lake, BC
Fraser Riverkeeper
Jesse Kitteridge
Trevor Linden

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