Lake Ontario, ON - Elie Landesberg

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

I have been surfing for over 10 years, and almost 6 years on the Great Lakes. My 'home break' is a spot we call The Cove which is at Bluffer's Park in Scarborough just east of Toronto. Whenever I get out of the water after a surf I am almost overwhelmed with gratitude that I am actually able to surf, in the lakes where I live. In addition to feelings of gratitude there is an ineffable euphoria that I seem to feel and carry without me throughout the days following a surf. Surfing is a way for me to make heroic verse out of the everyday prose. That is, to connect with life on a higher level of existence, beyond the mundane.

I can recall having gone a number of months out of the water in 2013 and arriving at The Cove and walking to the shoreline to check the surf, finding perfect clean waves, my automatic response was to shout with joy. I have never felt the need to howl like that, it was a pure gut reaction. Without water there is no life.

Lake Ontario, ON
Claire Lawson
Elie Landesberg

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