Lac des Fees, QC - George Kourounis

My Watermark is Lac des Fees, Quebec.

I grew up in Hull, Quebec, and there were innumerable times while growing up that my friends and I would ride our bikes to Lac des Fees. We'd swim, catch tadpoles, and just enjoy the water. This was in the 1980's and I have not been to the lake in years. I hope that it is clean and doing well. I remember one time, after a huge rainstorm, one of the small creeks that feeds the lake was flooded, and the water was moving very swiftly. That didn't stop us from swimming in it.

It probably wasn't the smartest or safest idea, but it was exhilarating, and a memory that has lingered with me for decades. It may have also been one of the early triggers for my lifelong passion for documenting extreme weather.

Lac des Fees, QC
Claire Lawson
George Kourounis

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