Maramec Spring, USA - Lily Bennett

My Watermark is Maramec Spring, Missouri.

For New Year's Eve weekend, my boyfriend and I went to Maramec Spring to do some catch-and-release trout fishing.

Located on the Meramec River in the east-central Ozarks near St. James, Missouri, Maramec Spring is the fifth largest spring in the state. The trout that swim downstream are not natural to Missouri; the Missouri Department of Conservation operates a hatchery and fishery just a few hundred yards from the spring, where they thrive in the colder waters.

I was so struck by the beauty of the spring; you can see the ripple of the clear, aquamarine water coming from the earth, and the massive trout that encircle its' mysterious mouth. Preserving this spring is very important to the trout that live here; it must be kept pristine if humans want to continue to experience its' beauty and recreational value. Preservation is also important for the sake of our other water resources, in Missouri and beyond; Maramec Spring flows into the Meramec River, then into the mighty Mississippi River.

Remember, using our water bodies to #SwimDrinkFish is a PRIVILEGE, not a RIGHT!

Fraser Riverkeeper
Charly Caproff
Lily Bennett