South China Sea, Hong Kong - Jasmine Yu

I go to Honk Kong every year, during the summer. My uncle has a yacht, so about 20 of us go out to the Atlantic as a family. We sail for hours and hours.

One day, while we were sailing, we went out and saw one of the small islands that make up Honk Kong. No one was there except for us. There was a sandy area, which said, ‘Coral.’ We thought we would just go to the right of the coral, and it would be fine. So we anchor down, and my sisters, jump off the yatch, and start swimming in the ocean. As we were swimming, there were large rocks, which we were slipping on trying to get to shore. We were slipping and bleeding everywhere, and just as I’m about to reach shore, I step on something extremely painful. I was about ten, so I started screaming. I looked down and saw that I stepped on a sea urchin. I started crying and thinking to myself.. “I’m going to die.” I was thinking a shark was going to smell all this blood, and come after me. But then I ended up hopping on one foot to the shore. When I got to shore, I thought that was it..I’m never stepping into the water again.

The next week, we went yachting again to a different beach. I ended up going back in the water, but I didn’t step on a sea urchin this time. I promised myself I wouldn’t go back in the water but I did.

Nadia Abdel - Aziz
Jasmine Yu

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