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Do you like the summer/winter outdoors? Being at one with nature? Sounds of crickets, racoons, and breezy bustling trees? How about long-wooded cycling/walking/snowshoeing paths? Small secluded pockets of beach? Picking rocks?... stunning sunsets? 

Then you must visit MacGregor Point Provincial Park in Port Elgin, Ontario, Canada. It has it all and more. 

After a long drive from the loud hustlie-bustle Toronto....ahhh....finally... the much needed calmness filled our souls. I for one hadn't camped in a while. I knew I would feel better once I got out of the city but couldn't anticipate this. 

The drive was beautiful. Partly through Mennonite country, decorating that stretch of highway: an honoured-system sale of flowers and wood. The rest: lush green rolling hills and stillness. 

Noshing along the way we each talked about our points-of-interest finds on the Internet: Sauble Beach for pinball and a double-decker bus that serves delicious tacos; Sauble Falls where my partner visited as a young boy; Port Elgin for the gorgeous sunsets and sounds of the pied piper; Tobermory and my always-wanted-to-go-there: Flower Pot Island; and my other wishful-travel to: Manitoulin.
So how much time did we have?
Ha! Not that much! 

We did everything but the pied piper, pinball and Manitoulin. Next time. ..Yes indeed there will be a next time. This place is too golden not to return. 

Okay let's talk about camping....Our site was pretty private despite the on-line description of "average privacy." We were near: water to fill our containers, the washrooms/showers, and the volunteers to assist and answer any questions we had. 

The park also rents Yurts...small cabins with the modern conveniences of home....industrial BBQs..bunk beds... covered wood porch...check their website for rates and availability.

There's a general store with an abundance of items including well-stocked bags of wood which you need to frequent if you want to have a fire each night. The cost is reasonable at around $7 + tax for a good-sized bag.

The summer bugs? Expected. Bring bug spray, citronella candles and Afterbite. Don't bring perfumed anything. Keep your area clear and clean of food. The racoons lurk at night as well as porcupines. I didn't see any of either. My partner did see a racoon our first night. Sadly I only heard something. Another night my partner said a racoon unzipped our tent!! I was too busy snoring to hear anything. ...apparently....!! I really wanted to see....ANYTHING. I did find a beetle in the grass when rolling our tent up upon departure...hey I can just visit my basement to find those!!

An almost 3-hour drive from Toronto - wholeheartedly worth it....especially if your travel buddy is as wonderfully enthusiastic and fun as my best man.

This provincial park is a gem. I'd like to thank my other Trip Advisors for their advice which immensely helped in the decision to camp at MacGregor Point Provincial Park.

Lake Huron, ON
Jessica Gordon
Aura J

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