Lake Ontario, ON - Paula Rostrup

My favourite waterbody is Lake Ontario.

It’s significant to me because I was born and raised in Toronto. So of course the water was to the south of where I lived. We spent a lot of time actually, when I was young I would come down to Outlet Beach and camp for weeks in the summer time. Travel all through here, down to Kingston actually, to see Fort Henry and we’d go down around Adolphustown, we just all up and down. We actually camped further down at Nairn, we’d go to Crysler's Farm, we really did the whole St. Lawrence Seaway.

Well the reason I’m here today, our brother in law is involved with the accessibility committee and the way he said it to us was they were opening up this waterway, waterfront so there was an event so that’s why we’re here, I had no idea about the pier. So this is all just bonus and really it was a lovely festivity.

Lake Ontario, ON
Jessica Gordon
Paula Rostrup

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