Lac Grand, QC - Scott Hall

My watermark is the lake “Lac Grand” in Gatineau Quebec. This lake is full of various fish species such as smallmouth bass and dozens of other wildlife species. The water body is also home to countless endangered plants and animals such as Gensing. Throughout my life, I have been so lucky to be able to spend my summers there taking in all of the wildlife that depends on the lake.

The lake is especially important to me as my families cottage sits right on the water. I’ve spent several weeks there each year hiking, fishing, and swimming with my extended family, which has created some lifelong memories. Without the lake, I wouldn’t enjoy swimming as much or I wouldn’t know the joy of fishing.

Unfortunately, because of the lakes close proximity to Ottawa, the lake is an hours drive, it’s been at constant risk from the rapidly growing city. Recently it’s become harder to see the stars as light pollution has started to affect the area. On top of this, a major developer wishes to construct a massive condominium on the water which would severely increase the amount of traffic on the lake and to and from it. Furthermore, because the lake is home to several endangered species they could be put at moreover risk.

Lac Grand, QC
Jessica Gordon
Scott Hall