Pike Bay, ON - Lucy P

My Watermark is Pike Bay, Ontario.

Pike bay is a place that I've grown up in sense I was a baby. We built a cottage waterfront In lake huron and It’s the best idea and money spent. The water Is clear with the softest sand on the bottom of the lake. You can kayak, boat, canoe as far as you can see. The farther you go out into the lake the bigger fish you can catch! The water Is perfect for tubing water skiing and seadooing. Pike bay is the place I learned how to water ski.

Pike bay has been In my family for generations upon generation, we love to relax along the side of the lake. But probably my favourite part of pike bay Is “The Rocks”. The rocks Is a part of the Canadian shield that Is about a 5 minute drive from my cottage and Is the most beautiful place I've ever seen. With crystal clear waters and rocks that have been so effortlessly and graciously chipped away from the water that all that Is left Is breathtaking views of rocks that have holes, craters, and plants everywhere you can see.

My favourite Is watching the sunset from the edge of the water sitting on the rocks. We watch the sun drift away under the lake bringing all the colours of the sun with It, we then lay back and look up at the sea of stars that have engulfed our sky.

Unfortunately as more and more people figure out about my home away from home the more and more trash has littered the area. Imagine one day you look at the most beautiful area you have ever seen, then the next day It's still there, but you would never know from all the plastic and beer bottles and cans littering the area. It's not fun to look at. We have attempted to clear our land multiple times and we will continue trying. I love this place and I will try my absolute best to keep it safe and alive.

Pike Bay, ON
Brett Hartley
Lucy P