Hogg's Falls, ON - Madeline M

My Watermarks are Hogg's and Eugenia Falls, Ontario.

At these 2 waterfalls I loved looking out over the edge of the flowing water. The current rushing, then tipping down and over going into a big body of water. With a creek all the way along the bush and flowing over rocks and my toes. Crawling up on rocks and cliffs seeing the view of a lifetime. My fingers having rushing; clear, fresh water flowing over them. The smell of fresh forest air surrounding me. I love this type of nature feel.

These falls have been made into conservations so it protects it from being harmed by any construction or anything else that might ruin it. Or just change its natural beauty. These falls have such a great ecosystem for plants and animals to live in, with water everywhere and the forest surrounding it. This is one of my favourite natural places that I have been to. It makes a great day trip for anyone.

Hogg's Falls, ON
Brett Hartley
Madeline M