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My Watermark is Mississagua Lake, ON.

Mississauga Lake is located in the Kawartha region of Ontario and an about a two and a half hour drive from Toronto. The lake is just outside of the very small town of Buckhorn Ontario. It’s incredibly scenic but has managed to avoid being overcrowded and built-up by cottagers. It's fairly large with a 1458 acre surface area and a surrounded by dense coniferous forest. The lake also has a small dam at one of its openings that connect it to the many other lakes in the region such as Buckhorn and Catchacoma Lake. The lake is also home to many incredible animals such as ducks, loons, and herons along with many species of fish. In the forests around the lake, you can find deer, black bears, fox, and turkeys.

This lake is especially important to me as I’ve spent many of the summers of my youth here. Since I’ve been alive my family has always had a cottage on the lake where we’ve spent parts of the summer, weekends in the spring and even Christmas. I learned how to swim, canoe, fish, and sail on the lake. Many of the memories of my childhood also come from time spent at my cottage such as cookouts with my dad and baking with my mom. This part of Ontario carries a lot of sentimental value to me which makes its well being in my best interest.

Overdevelopment is probably the biggest threat facing the lake. Increasing amounts of cottagers mean more motor boats on the lake. Motorboats both increase the number of algae and kick up sediment in the water which blocks sunlight from reaching the bottom of the lake. Emissions from boats can add too much of a certain compound in the water which decreases water quality and can be incredibly toxic to wildlife. Another activity that is heightened by the increased number of cottages firework displays. Fireworks can especially affect loons which are one of the lakes most special animals. The explosions can hinder the bird's ability to communicate with each other and be disorienting leading to mothers losing their young.

Upper Canada College
Matthew Chisholm
Thomas Gormley

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