Albion Falls, ON - Izzy K.

My Watermark is Albion Falls in Hamilton, ON.

We have been to Albion so many times it's so quiet you can hear the birds chirping, the falls running and your feet crushing the stones. We have so many memories there — like the one time I pushed my dad into the falls because my mom told me to!

Whenever we go there it's so fun because we hike to the falls and talk about really weird stuff there. It's like we bond there so much and I love that because our family never gets to relax and talk about stuff that we've never talked before.

I don't want it to change we don’t go there a lot anymore but when we do it's amazing and we sometimes bring our dog when he was younger.One time we went with all our family and friends for my sister's birthday and it was so fun. my Sister And I got pushed in so many times.I hope that this place never changes so I can bring my own children here.

Albion Falls, ON
Matthew Chisholm
Izzy K.