Halfmoon Lake, MI - Emma H.

My Watermark is Halfmoon Lake, near Harrison, Michigan.

Halfmoon Lake is a place where memories have been made in my family. With the dazzling reflections of the trees on the water, and its charming colours in the fall. Although the lake is small, it is perfect for paddle boating, swimming, and quiet boat rides. I love spending time on the dock with a tall, cold glass of chocolate milk.

Halfmoon lake is home to many living things including fish, turtles, water plants, and many others. Half moon lake is a private lake so it will never be discovered by tourists which means the water will always be healthy as long as the people with a cottage on the lake keep it that way. I want to keep this water clean because then one day when I have kids they can come enjoy our cottage just like I do. We bought our cottage 3 years ago because we wanted a place to get away. Our lake has very few cottages on it making it a perfect getaway place.

When you wake up in the morning and look out the window, you see loons gliding on the water surface and fish leaping out of the water, landing back in with little splashes. When the sunsets the sky turns pink, yellow, and orange, the sun disappears behind the trees, and the moon creeps into the night sky.

Halfmoon Lake, MI
Matthew Chisholm
Emma H.