Amrit Sarovar, India - Jasmine Arora

My watermark is the Amrit Sarovar.

The waterbody that is important to me is called the “Amrit Sarovar”. It is located around the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. It was made in 1586 by the fourth guru. The Amrit Sarovar has a capacity of about 31, 000 gallons, that’s why it used to be dependent on rainwater so that it wouldn’t dry up in the summer. During the British period, it was connected to a network of creatively designed tunnels. Due to those tunnels, the water was easy and free flowing at all times. But now the custodians of the golden temple have decided to bring in American technology to purify the water. Some people say that after a few months, the water will be as pure as bottled mineral water. Legend has it that if you take a dip in the Amrit Sarovar, it can cure any illness and if you drink it, all your sins can be washed away. This watermark is really important to me and many other people.

The Amrit Sarovar is connected to me because of my heritage. This is my description on my watermark. I hope you enjoyed and learned something about the Amrit Sarovar.

Megan Reich
Jasmine Arora