Chehalis River, BC - Avril Broekhuizen

My watermark is the Chehalis RIver, BC.

As a child, I spent many weekends, and most of each summer, on the banks of the Chehalis River. I attended, volunteered, and ultimately worked at a summer camp located, at that time, on its banks. I have many great memories of tubing downstream, sitting on the banks and taking in the sun with friends, listening to the comforting sound of the water rushing by - morning and night, smelling the rot of decaying salmon during spawning season, helping to recover the property from many floods over the years (big and small), and watching various people fishing there each fall. I've visited the hatchery nearby, and care deeply about the health of this waterway. I am now a high school biology and environmental science teacher, and that came to pass largely because of my formative experiences on the Chehalis River.

Chehalis River, BC
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Avril Broekhuizen