Elliott Bay, USA - Jasmine Burkett

Elliott Bay is within a region of the Puget sound in the U.S. state of Washington. This is the port at which the city of Seattle was founded in the 1850s and has grown to encompass completely. The famous Pike Place Market is just off of the Bay on 1st street. Perched on the shore is Seattle's Great Wheel. All along the streets downtown one can find import shops with food, clothes, and so much more from around the world. The Seattle Aquarium is also just off of the Bay and a popular spot for tourists and children's field trips. Two fresh bodies of water within Seattle, Lake Union and Greenlake, are also meaningful to me and to the rest of the city. Neighborhoods are named and developed around these bodies of water. I have fond memories of Gas Work Park and paddle boarding amongst the multimillion dollar houseboats on Lake Union. When the weather is nice everyone and their dog goes walking around Greenlake. While these scenes are nice, they do not draw as diverse of a group of people as does Elliott Bay. Seattle was founded and flourishes as a port city in this Bay. Seattle continues to have amazing selection of seafood and international cuisine thanks to this body of water. Seattle as a city strives to be inclusive and multicultural as well as a forerunner in rights for women, LBGTQ, and other liberal campaigns. Without such constant contact with the outside world from its foundation I don't know that the same liberty would be celebrated today had it not. Seattle is my home and water is what shaped my home into what it is today.

Elliott Bay, US
Jessica Gordon
Jasmine Burkett