Cowichan Lake, BC - Jemma M

Ever since I was just a baby I have always spent my summers with my grandparents on Vancouver Island. Not only do they have a large and beautiful property but they also live next to Cowichan Lake, where I spend most of my time when I’m there. Without the lake I know that my summers would not be the same. The cold but satisfying water is refreshing on a hot summer day and never fails to please. Even thinking of running down to the dock brings me a sense of joy.
Cowichan is very meaningful to me first of all because I’ve made many memories that I will never forget and second of all it’s so much fun! Every minute I spend next to the dark blue, soulful body of water, I feel calm and joyful. The first time I looked into the lake was breathtakingly beautiful however, it didn’t mean much to me at the time. Over the past years of my life, however, I have learned that it means so much more. Looking out into the deep blue water is stress relieving and aesthetically pleasing. This lake has helped me, made my family closer and somehow I have made an unexplainable connection to it.

Cowichan Lake, BC
Jessica Gordon
Jemma M

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