Hubbles Lake, AB - Greg Turlock

I heard that Gord Downie was involved with the Watermark project, and I believe that water and proper water management programs are essential to preserve these valuable resources for generations to come. My wife Sandy and I were canoeing on a beautiful mid-October day of 2015 on Hubbles Lake, a small stream-fed lake west of Edmonton. We were consumed by the beauty of the lake and the canoeing experience we were fortunate to share that day. I was inspired to write the poem below.

Paddle in my Hands

My paddle dips into the peaceful calm
Caressed by autumn sunshine and cotton cumulus
A fine spray of droplets glistens like gold upon my skin
Is there no greater treasure?
Water below, sky above, afternoon breeze
A paddle in my hands

Inspired by: Canoeing on Hubbles Lake, Alberta
Greg & Sandy Turlock, October 20/2015

From “ A Work of Heart – Woven in the Willows”
© 2016 Greg Turlock

Hubbles Lake, AB
Jessica Gordon
Greg Turlock