Cumberland River, USA - Jordan Smith

They asked me why and how water was important to me or how I could think of a story about how water affected me at some point in my life. Honestly, growing up in the mountains of Kentucky, thinking back, I never thought about it before now but water was actually was a huge part of pretty much everything I did as a kid. Whether it was going out and playing in the creek or all my friends talking about how we had the best tasting water than anyone else in our house because we had a well and they had all their water pumped in from the city system. Or how I would flush the toilet and run as fast as could out of the bathroom because my brother was in the shower and I completely scalded his skin all the way off. Or how I would go fishing with my grandfather, who actually passed away earlier this year, but I remember going fishing with him and all the stories that he would tell me. And just loving it so much and baiting the hook for all my girl cousins who refused to touch the slimy worms even though they would date a number of them later. I guess you could say it was an important part of my childhood growing up!

Cumberland River
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Jordan Smith