Andaman Sea, Thailand - Nick K

When I was nine years old, my family and I traveled to Thailand. While we were there, we visited a place called Krabi. Krabi is on the west coast of Thailand, near the popular tourist attraction of Phuket.

The sea there is called the Andaman Sea. I spent the day paddleboarding around the small bay at the island resort. It was the most amazing and breathtaking sight. It was extremely peaceful with the only sound being the sound of waves breaking against the cliffs and the beach.

The water was aquamarine. I looked back at the beach, and I could see people lounging on chairs and other people swimming. There was a group of kids playing soccer in the sand. I could see the monkeys wreaking havoc at the beachfront restaurant.

Thailand was easily the most spectacular place I have ever visited. Each island was like a mountain. The ocean around me was so vast it was like being an ant in the middle of Lake Ontario. It made me feel tiny and realize for the first time, how small and insignificant humans are compared to the rest of the universe. If this sea is minuscule compared to the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific is tiny compared to any star, then what are we and why do we think we are so important. We are just a puny spec on something that is just a speck on the smallest star. That is what the Andaman Sea made me realize.

I hope the sea can stay as amazing as always for future generations. I hope that it is protected from pollution and that the animals stay healthy and populous.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Nick K