Caribbean Sea, Cayman Islands - Alexis S

In February of 2018 my mom, dad, brother and I, as well as a family of close friends, went for a vacation on “Freedom of the Seas.” One of our destinations was the Cayman Islands.

As an exciting adventure, we decided to visit “Stingray City”. It was a very warm day, a slight breeze blowing through the hot winter air. As we took a smaller boat off the cruise through the crystal clear, teal-coloured water. We could barely contain our excitement. We took a bus to our next boat and then we were off. The two-story boat drifted peacefully through the beautiful turquoise water. The relaxing ride through the ocean lasted about 20 minutes before we arrived. The crisp water was chilly as I stepped my feet off the boat and into the water. The crystal blue water was all you could see for miles.

Before I knew it I was being touched by something, something velvet and soft feeling. As I looked down, there were hundreds of stingrays surrounding the sandbar that we had just stepped onto seconds before. I was amazed at their beautiful way of swimming on the ocean floor. And their soft, velvety skin. We got to feed them fish, and other sea life. Stingrays are beautiful animals and I had never seen so many up close. They would almost play with us, sneaking up our legs and then swimming away. We even got to let them sit on our backs and kiss them. It was such an amazing experience to see so many stingrays at once. The stingrays showed me how amazing the wildlife in the ocean can be. That's why I chose this place as my watermark. I believe it should be protected.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Alexis S

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