Riviera Ligure di Levante, France - Melanie A

Last summer, with my family and friends from Belgium, I visited Corsica for a week or so. Each day we stayed at a new beach, but not all of them were as nice as the one that I enjoyed the most. One of the days, I visited Plage D’Alisu. It was a really hot day. It took roughly half an hour to drive there.

The roads were all up on the mountains and big hills. Most of the time there were trees on either side towering over us as we were driving, creating shade. As I got to the beach, I quickly hopped out of the car, grabbed my towel, my bag, and my huge unicorn floaty, and made my way over to the sand. The sand tingled beneath my feet as I walked across the beach. I even had to run because it was scorching hot. I quickly put my towel and all my things down beside a big boulder. I started running toward the water but my aunt called out and told me to put on sunscreen because I had already burned my shoulders.

Then, I remembered that a day before I had bought a little pouch that lets you take your phone underwater. I went and grabbed it. The water was surprisingly warm. There was a thick line of rocks across the shore. After the rocks, it was just soft sand and was very shallow for the most part. It gradually became deeper as I kept walking. I put on my goggles and dove underwater. I swam around for a little while only to be surrounded by fish. There were lots of tiny fish swimming in groups and there were a couple of bigger fish around my feet. As I swam underwater, I could see the sun breaking through the surface, making the water sparkle. It was the calmest water I’ve ever been in. This is my Watermark because it was such a beautiful body of water. We should spread awareness and protect it at all costs.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Melanie A