Caribbean Sea, Aruba - Kaitlin M

It was March Break, 2018. My family and another family, who we had known for a long while, decided to go down south to Aruba for the break. It was a windy day and the water was warm. The wind blew the sand into the air and I felt it hit against my skin. The beach was crowded with people stretched along beach chairs and the water was full of excitement. Kids were splashing back and forth and people threw footballs to each other.

We all stood there taking in our surroundings when we noticed a small, thatch-roofed stand that offered a ride out to the water to go snorkelling. Both families paid for the trip and we sat in the sun as we waited for the boat to arrive back to shore. We all boarded the small boat and headed out to sea. The bright blue water was calm, with almost no waves. We arrived to a destination that held a surprise beneath the water.

I jumped off the boat and the warm water splashed up into the air. The waves crashed up against my face as I floated in the life jacket I was wearing. I then dunked beneath the surface and there I saw a giant ship. It was flipped on its side and an anchor the size of a small car, hung from it into the soft sand. Fish of all different colours were eating the algae that formed on the old wood of the boat and turtles swam all around by the groups of coral, laying on the floor of the ocean. It was something that I had never experienced before and I could have stayed there for hours. I floated there, taking in the magical sight of the underwater life that surrounded me.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Kaitlin M