Caverly’s Bay, Limerick Lake, ON - Lukas V

One day in the summer of 2018, I was canoeing with my dad down past some cottages to the right of mine, when we came to a shallow corner in our bay in Limerick Lake, Ontario. The number of rotten logs in that corner would probably be around 80. There were also a few fallen dead trees and an old broken dock. As I looked up, in the corner there was a blue heron, just sitting there on top of a log. It looked like it was surveying the lake for prey. Almost daily, the heron landed on our floating dock and sometimes the dock itself. It also landed on other people's docks. I noticed its majestic wingspan when it dove in and out of the lake searching for fish. I am pretty sure that it was scouting out the best places to fish in our bay.

Without this experience on Limerick Lake, I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy nature so close up on a daily basis. The lake is important to me for this reason and many others. I enjoy how few boats travel on the lake as it makes is quiet and tranquil. Canoeing on the lake also gives me a chance to relax and observe the beautiful lake. Without my watermark of Limerick Lake, I wouldn’t appreciate nature as much.

Limerick Lake, ON
Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Lukas V

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Limerick Lake, ON
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