Lyons Creek, ON - Kerry Royer

I grew up in Cooks Mills and Lyons Creek holds many childhood memories for me. We used to skate on the creek in the winter, catch frogs, fish and tadpoles there in the summer. My grandmother's home backs on to the creek and I spent many hours there as a child since she lived down the road from us. To this day, when I visit my Nan I always go down to the creek to take in its beauty, its magic and it always gives me a sense of peace.

My children love to visit my Nan and have often commented on how beautiful the view is there. They catch frogs and tadpoles just like I used to and my son always makes sure to bring his fishing pole when we visit. We have kayaked along Lyons Creek and in some spots it is like looking down into a beautiful aquarium full of life. The wildlife around this incredible.

Lyons Creek, ON
Jessica Gordon
Kerry Royer