Turtle Lake, SK- Rachel Stefaniuk

As long as I can remember I have been coming to Turtle Lake, SK. My mom’s family has owned land on the lake since around the 1930s when the lake was becoming populated, and we are lucky to share a lakefront property on Kivimaa-Moonlight Bay with my Mom’s siblings.
Summers in my youth were spent fishing in a tin can boat with my father and family, wading in the clean cool lake with my siblings and cousins, and taking swimming lessons at the public beach. As an adult I still enjoy coming here to fish off the dock, spend time with friends and enjoy the lake’s serenity. It’s enjoyable to watch the neighbours I used to play hide and seek and kick the can with, bringing their friends and family to enjoy the lake as adults, and to catch up with their current lives all across Canada.
Significant memories of this body of water include boating on tubes with neighbourhood friends, seeing a tornado touch down on the water sometime in the summer of 2011 during a bad summer storm, and getting to see my great-grandma enjoy the cabin she spent her youth at with her seven grandkids.
Turtle Lake hold so many fond memories for me, and I know that I will continue to go out as an adult, and one day bring my family to enjoy this lovely waterbody.

Turtle Lake, SK
Rachel Stefaniuk
Rachel Stefaniuk