Big Rideau Lake, ON - Dave Rayner

So, there's a whole bunch of waterbodies that are really special to me, but one that keeps coming back to my mind is the Big Rideau, which is located between Ottawa and Kingston. We grew up with a family cottage there and I can remember as a very young child spending time there with friends, and especially family, and jumping off the cliffs that were along the shoreline. We would be daring each other to jump off the ten foot cliff, the twenty foot cliff, and finally the forty foot cliff as we got older. That was always really special, and I have fond memories of that experience. And then I've been really lucky in the last couple years, I've been going back and spending time with my mum there. We've both been more and more interested in long distance swimming, and so we'll go out on the Big Rideau and swim together, and it's just been a very special moment for me to experience the water. For me it's about experiencing it with other people and it's been really special to do that with my mum.

Ottawa Riverkeeper
Naomi Sarazin
Dave Rayner

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