Lake Vernon, ON - Charlotte Heller

My name is Charlotte Heller, the Watermark I'm going to be talking about today is Lake Vernon, which is a lake that my camp was on when I was a kid. From about ages 10 to 17 I went to this camp that's just outside of Huntsville Ontario. This was my first experience in a really immersive outdoors setting. This is where I learned to kayak and canoe, which is now one of my favorite hobbies to do, as well as my first experiences swimming out in a lake and doing canoe trips, which was an immersive outdoor experience I hadn't gotten previously.

This experience growing up as a kid and being at camp on this lake is where I really came to appreciate how lucky we are as Canadians to have access to such pristine waterbodies, and I think is what fueled my interest in pursuing environmental science within my undergraduate and masters programs, as well as dedicating my career to environmental science and protecting our environment.

Lake Vernon, ON
Ottawa Riverkeeper
Naomi Sarazin
Charlotte Heller

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