Stubb's Falls, ON - Owen Wilson

I'm Owen, and my Watermark is Stubb's Falls in Arrowhead Provincial Park, which is just past Huntsville Ontario. I've been going to that park since I was young with my family, and I've gone there the last few summers just with myself and my friends. It's always just been a great time to go in the summer.

It's a place that's just really full of life; there are fish up and down stream, there are loons upstream, there are snapping turtles in the lake that it leads into. So I always just feel very immersed in nature whenever I go there.

Especially going just independently with my friends the last few times, it has really allowed me to grow into this connection with this place that I originally was just nostalgic for since I went there with my family. I'm looking forward to going for many summers to come.

Stubb's Falls, ON
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Owen Wilson