Marten River, ON - Quinn D

Every year in the summer, me and my family rent cottages at a camp at martin river. The weather is almost always nice with hot days and cool nights. We go swimming to the dock in the middle of the beach and play a game we call ‘tippy’ were we all stand on one side making the dock go up and we try not to fall off. We also go hiking on the local sand dunes one year. We even brought 4 wheelers up on one of the tallest mountains me and my cousins wrestle each other on the top.

We also collect old clays and shotgun shells that we find. We also play games our aunt sets up. Another game we play is ‘ghost’ were one person is the ghost and hides and the others try to find them if the lookers see the hider they yell ghosts and run back to where they started trying not to be caught by the hider.

We also take a boat trip to an island called Rangers Point and have hot-dogs and marshmallows. Lastly, every year we see who can catch the most fish i have never won. I enjoy sitting on our cottage's balcony and just smelling the nice air. This waterbody will always be apart of me because I will probably take my kids there and I have a lot of childhood memories there.

Marten River, ON
Jessica Gordon
Quinn D