White Lake, ON - Olivia R

We were on our way to White Lake Island where my mom told me that the water was crystal clear. I was so excited, but it was a two-hour boat trip away. I kept watching the water and as I looked down, I couldn't see anything because it was so dark. My fear is not knowing what's underneath me, but within the clear water, I could see everything.

When we got there the water was really cold, so I overheard my great cousin talking to my brother that he could learn to steer the motorboat. At the last minute, he chickened out so I said that I wanted to learn, after going out once we when back to the boat and he got off so it was just me my great cousin’s dog.

About thirty minutes in, I was allowed to steer the boat all by myself. It was so exciting. But then I became a little scared when we got too close to the shore.

It turns out I’m a natural at it and I took everyone for a ride. My brother got jealous so my cousin said that I could teach him so I did.

When we’re almost there I changed into my bathing suit and I got kind of nervous when my siblings and their friends said that they weren't going in because it was freezing. I just shook it off and decided I was still going in because I knew I would regret it if I didn't.

After another hour goes by I finally decided to go into the water, it was so clear that it looked like the rocks were close to us. It turns out that the bottom was forty feet deep. My sister and her friend jumped in, they said it was so cold that they felt like they were in shock. Finally, my cousin and I jumped in and it was really cold, we got out immediately.

But it felt nice to see what was below me and see that it was nothing.

White Lake Island is very important to me because of everything I have experienced there. My love for this waterbody has made me realize how important water is to me. With my new found love I will ensure it stays clean and beautiful for years to come.

When I look down at the water I think about all the bad things that have happened in my life, in some ways I feel that it empties my mind from those things so that I can move on.

White Lake, ON
Jessica Gordon
Olivia R

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White Lake, ON
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