Whitestone Lake, ON - Sophie G.

For my Watermark I picked Whitestone lake. I chose Whitestone Lake because we have a family cottage in Dunchurch and it is on Whitestone Lake. Whitestone Lake is a very private and beautiful lake. The fresh air of the north makes the lake feel so much more fresh and clean. This lake is very beautiful and has showed me the beauty of water and that it is much more than a source that we use all the time. Whitestone Lake has shown me that water is very important and has a lot of meaning.

Whitestone Lake is covered by big beautiful rocks that cover the floors of the lake and around it. Whitestone Lake is significant to me because our family spends a lot of time by the water and if there was not a lake and just the cottage it would be a lot less fun and a lot less pretty. This lake is a very pretty lake and there is nothing I would change.

Jessica Gordon
Sophie G.