Hudson Lake, ON - Avery H

For the past 3 years I have had the chance to visit my uncles nice, serene cottage surrounding Hudson Lake in Bancroft ON. When we first had the opportunity to go there, my uncle was just my Aunt's boyfriend. But then just last December he became my uncle! Once we got to know his family well, they invited us to their cottage. All my aunts, uncles, and cousins go with us. We always have a blast.

Every year my uncle will take us water tubing usually twice a day. We'd come across lots of bumps and go super fast along the water. It’s a lot of fun! We would also have a wonderful time going water skiing, we would go out of the wake and try to get back in. I've been trying to go one foot skiing, and I am able to drop one ski but not put my foot into the other.

Last year my family bought a stand up paddle board and the cottage has a pedal boat. So some of us would go out early in the morning after breakfast, and pedal/paddle on the lake. We’d watch the beautiful sunrise. When there is nice sunny weather we enjoy resting on the water and watching people enjoy their time on Hudson Lake. We enjoy fishing off the dock and off the boat. We have a lot of action while catching fish when we're off the dock which we love. When we go, we've been pretty lucky with the weather. The odd time it would just sprinkle on us a bit.

I am so lucky to get to spend my time on Hudson Lake! I look forward to making more amazing memories that I can share with my friends. I intend on keeping the water safe and clean so we can swim and fish in it.
I hope the water will stay as beautiful as it is now for generations to come.I love every second that I spent there with my family! I treat this place like my home and would never take it for granted. I can definitely speak everyone including all of our dogs by saying “ I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!”

Hudson Lake, ON
Jessica Gordon
Avery H