Half Moon Lake, USA - Alexa H

Five years ago, we left my Uncle’s cottage to take a walk through the forest. Little did we know we would come across a small inland lake which we later found out was a private lake. On that lake was a cottage that was for sale. After some negotiations, we bought the cottage. That private lake is called Half Moon Lake near Harrison, Michigan, USA. The lake was named Half Moon Lake because of its crescent shape and is twenty four acres in size.

The great thing about Half Moon Lake is that we can use it all year round. In the summer we enjoy boating, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, fishing, pedal boating and bouncing on our water trampoline. However, the fun doesn’t end when the summer does. Since our cottage is on a hill we toboggan down the hill and across the lake when it is frozen. We also clear an area of the lake to skate and the odd time we go ice fishing.

I can enjoy my time sitting on the dock, soaking up the sun, on a beautiful day. I really appreciate having access to this body of water and cannot wait to make more memories on and around it. I have learned to relax and enjoy the water especially because there is no wifi! I think sometimes I take this beautiful body of water for granted because lots of people don't have the privilege like I do. To make sure it stays beautiful I will do my part by picking up trash and in sure it stays beautiful for generations to come.

Jessica Gordon
Alexa H