Silver Lake, ON - Genevieve Donin

My name's Genevieve, and I'd like today to talk about Silver Lake. This lake is particularly special to me because it's where my camp was growing up. That was really special for me as a kid, because growing up in Toronto I never really felt connected to the lake, or the forest, or the land around me, just by virtue of living in a large city and not having anyone to show me the connections to the land. So going to this camp every summer really introduced me to a whole other world that I now had access to.

At Silver Lake we would canoe and kayak, but I remember specifically we would always search for the secret lagoon. The secret lagoon, I'm sure, was just a spot on the lake like any other, but it was somewhat hidden from view, so we could get away from our camp counselors, and spend time looking for lily pads, and playing with the flowers on the water, and just taking a little bit of time apart before coming back to camp. This was really special for me, because this was a time in my life when I felt really connected to the land, and really introduced me to nature in a way I hadn't been before.

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Genevieve Donin