Lake Temiskaming, QC - Jackson M

One weekend in the fall me and my family got an offer to go up to Quebec and stay at one of our friend's cottages. It was beautiful because it was right on Lake Temiskaming. After we got there we ate dinner with them then they left and we had the cottage to ourselves for the weekend. The next day me and my dad woke up, thought we should go out for a ride in the boat and try to catch some fish. But we didn't have any luck of catching any fish, it was a very nice boat ride though. Once we got back we sat on our chairs whilst watching the waves crash against the shoreline.

After the first day, me and my dad went out again with my sisters in the rough water. It was quite the ride we all almost fell out of the boat. We thought that was a bad idea so we came back to shore then loaded the boat back onto its trailer as we were going to leave the next day. I really recommend to go up to Lake Temiskaming it would be a really nice time to relax, have fun, and go for little boat rides in the lake with your family.

Jessica Gordon
Jackson M